Review of In Another Life by C.C. Hunter


Thank you so much to St. Martins Press and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I have never read anything by C.C. Hunter and the synopsis of this book really intrigued me. I love YA mystery books and as soon as I saw that this was about a girl that might have been kidnapped and adopted to a different family, I was immediately interested.

This book is about Chloe who is living with her mother that has just overcame breast cancer. After her mother and father divorce, her mom moves them to a new town and Chloe must start at a new school, as a senior no less. She’s known her whole life that she was adopted but she’s never let it bother her and has never had an interest in finding out who her real parents were. One weekend when her father is driving her back to her moms she meets Cash Colton and is instantly drawn to him. Cash’s motives for wanting to get to know her better might have something to do with what happened in Chloe’s past, something she has no idea about, something that Cash has been dealing with for the last 3 years with his current foster parents. Chloe and Cash must find out the secrets about Chloe’s past before that secret ends up getting them killed.

This was a great book right from the start. You’re immediately drawn in when Chloe meets Cash for the first time and trying to figure out what he was talking about when they ran into each other, literally. I loved Cash’s backstory and what he went through with his dad and how he overcame that and was trying to make his life right. I also loved how the story progressed with Chloe slowly learning everything about her first 3 years of life with Cash helping her out.

I love when books are told from both main characters point of view instead of the author trying to have one main character explain both sides. It makes the book feel a lot more in depth and you feel like as a reader you’re not missing out on any important moments with the other characters.

C.C. Hunter’s writing style definitely drew me in and kept my attention. I loved all the drama between Cash and Chloe’s relationship. It was a very enjoyable read and I hope to read other books from the author.


Review of Never Tell by Lisa Gardner


Thank you so much to Dutton Books and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I have devoured every single Lisa Gardner book there is and I have loved every single one of her books, especially the ones with D.D. Warren as the main character.  I was so glad when I saw her new book featured my favorite detective and her crazy sidekicks back at it again.

When Evie returns to her house she finds the last thing she would ever expect, her husband Conrad shot dead in his office chair, still holding the murder weapon.  It immediately throws Evie back sixteen years ago when she walked into a similar scene at her parent’s home except it was her father she found shot in the kitchen that time.  Evie takes the blame for shooting her father and even though she didn’t shoot and kill her husband, the police arrest her when they find her holding the gun. 

Flora is still trying to heal six years after escaping her kidnapper and is helping D.D. Warren as her CI.  When D.D. starts working Evie’s husbands case Flora realizes she knows Conrad and knows he’s somehow tied to her kidnapper.  

With the help of Flora, Evie, and a crime-obsessed blogger named Keith, D.D. Warren solves her case but no one expected what the outcome would be.

I love Lisa Gardner continues to have D.D. Warren such a huge character in her series and I love that she is bringing back Flora in her stories as well.  This book continuously made me gasp, laugh, and want to be in the pages along with the characters.  Her writing style constantly makes me feel like I can’t read the book fast enough and she always makes you think you know the outcome and then you’re blown away at the end.

Thank you so much to Lisa Gardner for writing another amazing book and Dutton books for giving me the opportunity to read it.

Review of Heartlands by Kerry Watts


Thank you so much to Bookouture and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Holy moly anyone that’s into mystery and thriller novels definitely needs to read this.  I read this entire book in about 8 hours and it was so good.  I’m so excited that this is going to be a series because I need more!

20 years ago a girl named Sophie never made it home from school and two boys were convicted of raping and murdering her.  Now in present day the past seems to be repeating itself, a girl named Shannon hasn’t made it home from school and she bears a striking resemblance to Sophie.  DI Jessie Blake is called to work on the case but can she put her own past behind her and focus fully on finding the missing girl?

I will admit in the beginning I was a little overwhelmed because a lot of the characters were introduced all at once and I got confused until I read further into the book and established who everyone was.  Once I got past that I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough (sorry to my poor Kindle).  I loved all the twists and turns of this book and how you were never ready for what was going to happen next.  I loved all the characters and how the book kept touching on people from the past and then you find out how tied in they are to the present.  And believe me when I tell you, you will not be ready for the ending and finding out what actually happened to Shannon and how the people in her family and community really are.

I’m so excited to read the rest of this series and I’m so glad I get to read more about the character Jessie Blake.  I would love to read more about her past that was touched on and teased in this book.

Review of Evermore by Alyson Noel


I just finished this book and I’m sitting here wondering how I’ve never ventured into Alyson Noel’s fantasy novels. I’ve read all of her other books except this series which started back in 2009 and I feel like I really missed out.

I know lots of people disliked this book but I really did like it. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a die hard fan of the author forever but I read this in about 12 hours and honestly couldn’t put it down.

This book is about Ever who after losing her parents and little sister in a tragic car accident wakes up in the hospital and realizes she can now see everyones auras surrounding them and can also somehow still communicate with her little sister Riley, even though she’s dead. She gets moved from Oregon to California to live with her aunt and starts a new school where instead of being in the popular crowd like in her last school, she befriends two of the “outsiders”, a gay guy named Miles and a self-proclaimed goth named Hazel. Having perfected her ways of tuning people’s thoughts out, Ever’s only hopes are to get through school and hope that no one finds out about her psychic abilities. Then the new gorgeous guy Damen starts school and she realizes there’s something different about him, he has no aura and seems to have certain abilities like she does.

I loved all of the characters of this book and how detailed the author was when she was explaining certain scenes and things happening in the book, you almost felt like you were there seeing it with your own eyes and not just reading it. Ever’s character was obviously my favorite as I loved her personality and how she dealt with her psychic abilities. Her and Damen’s relationship was another thing I loved and the ending made me so excited to dive into the rest of the series.

Review of The Suspect by Fiona Barton


Holy moly this was such a good book. I have loved Fiona Barton since her first book The Widow and I’m so glad she has continued on with her Kate Waters character throughout her book. This was a great mystery, thriller, suspense all wrapped into one and I enjoyed it so much.

This story follows reporter Kate Waters as she follows a story about two girls that have gone missing in Thailand. Kate herself hasn’t heard from her oldest son in awhile since he left university to travel around so she feels the story touches close to her heart and wants to dig deeper. After speaking with both the girls mothers and the local police, a fire breaks out where the girls were staying and two bodies are found. Just when Kate thinks the story can’t get any crazier she finds out her son Jake that she has not seen or spoken to in awhile may be involved also.

I loved how this story would have chapters from the two girls points of view before they went missing. You got to hear the back story from them firsthand instead of just hearing about it from the other characters. It really bumped up the suspense of this novel and made it that much better. I love Kate Waters character as I have for Fiona Barton’s two previous books and I love how she was personally affected by this, not just writing a story about two girls going missing. This novel had so much suspense and I never got bored of reading it. I finished this book in less than two days and now I’m sad that it’s over and can’t wait to see what the author has coming out next.

Review of Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

5 out of 5 stars

Oh my goodness this book was amazing. I didn’t think anything could top The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo for me but this one came pretty darn close. I absolutely love how Taylor’s writing style almost changes for each book she writes, they’re all so different and each one is so so good.

This book is about Hannah who after her first night back in LA must make the decision to go home early with her best friend or to go home with her high school boyfriend that she might not be over. What she doesn’t realize is how much her decision will completely change her life.

I loved how every other chapter bounced back and forth with what happened when she went home with her friend and what happened when she went home with her ex boyfriend. You get to find out the effects of both decisions Hannah makes and how they completely change her life. I never found myself confused about which part I was at because the author did such a great job of keeping the two decisions separate and so detailed you never got lost. I found myself gasping and laughing multiple times throughout the book and I finished the whole book in about 9 hours, it was that good!

Review of The Dysasters by P.C. Cast

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much to St. Martins Press and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

P.C. Cast can never go wrong in my eyes.  I became obsessed with her and her daughter after reading the Marked series and I have devoured everything they’ve wrote since.

This book is about Foster who lives with her foster mom Cora and is constantly moving around.  Homeschooled and an introvert, Foster is not looking forward to attending a football game that Cora is dragging her to.  It doesn’t help that the first person Foster meets is who she believes to be a typical football playing douchebag named Tate who she instantly dislikes.  When a massive tornado hits the football field and people start getting hurt Foster and Tate realize there’s something special about the two of them, something they’ve both questioned and almost can’t believe.  When they both lose their parents in the storm they realize there’s more to their powers and more people that are like them, but they’re not all good.

I love how P.C. Cast incorporated people that have affinities for the elects just like she did in her Marked series.  Normally I’m not huge on fantasy and sci-fi novels but the way she writes them I enjoy them and never get tired of reading her intricate stories.  I loved all the characters in this book and I loved the relationship between Foster and Tate.  They both were from completely different backgrounds and their lives came together with their powers and they figured out how to use them together to help people.

Another thing I loved about this novel was the storyline.  Like I said before I love anything P.C. Cast write and this was such a fun fast read.  I love how her books are different from anything I’ve read before and I love that.  The way she explains scenes in the story and the detail she goes into almost makes it seem like you’re watching a movie as the book goes on, it’s that vivid and detailed.

Thank you so much to P.C. Cast for writing such an amazing book and St. Martins Press for allowing me to read it.  Definitely one of my favorite books of 2019 and I can’t wait for this new series of hers.  The ending killed me but I know there’s more amazing work to come!